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Fox EDGE Curve Short


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Udice Fox EDGE Curve Short Shank su šaranske udice vrhunskog takmičarskog kvaliteta i kratkog vrata , veoma oštrog vrha , velike snage. U izradi ovih udioca korišćeni su najkvalitetniji materijali. Dostupne u više veličina.

  • Kratak vrat
  • Veoma oštar vrh
  • Pakovanje: 10kom

Proizvođač: Fox International, Uvoznik: Carpologija d.o.o., Zemlja porekla: EU

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Opis Proizvoda

Edges Arma Point Hook Range
It had to happen didn’t it? Our Edges range of terminal tackle has taken the carping world by storm over the past three years with anglers across the globe appreciating that we had taken rig component design to a whole new level. There was of course one item of terminal tackle that our product development team hadn’t given the Edges treatment too, and that quite simply is because it has taken them many years to design, develop and test this range. We haven’t simply picked up a hook manufacturers catalogue and picked a few patterns off the shelf, oh no, we have drawn up the patterns from scratch using the latest CAD software packages to ensure that every single detail in every single pattern is exactly how they need to be for the modern carp angler. The end result is an Edges Arma Point hook range that features eight patterns, and that are in our opinion and that of our angling consultants, the strongest and sharpest out of the packet hooks you will find on the market.

Edges Curve Short

  • Improved version of the original Arma Point XSC design
  • Perfect for both bottom bait and pop-up presentations
  • Needle-sharp straight point
  • Straight eye
  • Short, sweeping shank
  • Non-reflective dark coating
  • Super-strong XC80 Vanadium forged steel construction
  • 10 per packet
  • Only available in Barbed
  • Sizes available: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8